One detective caught in the middle of an ever-polarizing world of Chalk is forced to face his past when confronted with the city's biggest criminal; The Chalk Killer.

CHALK started as a staged play. Knowing I wanted to use film noir, my first thought was a chalk outline of a body. Then I thought to myself...

"What if that outline wasn't an outline?"


"What if it was the body of a chalk person?" - Eric Whitten


The old chalkboards are being torn down and replaced by shiny white ones, making way for dryer times. The idea of Chalk City being taken over by an influx of dry-erase boards came from my own observations of gentrification in New York City.

Chalk City has become a city ravaged by corruption and murder. Once a shining beacon to Chalk everywhere, it's degraded into a war zone between what was and what inevitably will be.


What's exciting to me about this project is that we're creating a whole unique world that's never been seen. We're having an artist step into the role of the set designer and build our entire location from pencil and paper.

The images will then be vectorized and built into the world around our live action actors. No animated characters in this film.

We will be shooting green screen after carefully developing tests with makeup and wardrobe to see how the live actors play in the world drawn for them. The location will be mapped out in real time and marked off on the day of the shoot. This will allow them to interact with a world in which they physically can't see. 

A shell of a man nursing a ten year hangover. Cole has been working the streets of Chalk City for more years than he remembers. His latest case is the worst string of murders the city has seen in years.

"I didn't like it. It was like a bottle of bad whisky or an oversized burrito. It just didn't fit right in my gut".
The recently widowed wife of Chalk City's most influential politician, Mayor Chalk. She's strong, elegant, and shrewd. She just may hold the key to solving Chalk City's biggest murder case.

"Sidewalk chalk never fit right with me, hunnie. Some things are just to thick for keeping between these lines."
A mysterious and often troublesome rookie who has been helping Detective Cole in his case to track down the infamous Chalk Killer.

"I never could stomach the site of chalk dust. If you only knew the irony in that."